As a spinning instructor outside of my outdoor cycling I wanted to give some profiles out that I use to train in winter. There 90 minute sessions and have lot of structure. I run these each week in winter Tuesday nights at Heros Fitness in Kings Lynn.

Having a power meter for these sessions is really help if not using your heart rate can give a similar effect firstly before ever session you need to do a 2 minute test.

Max effort for 2 minutes on your bike gives you a wattage!

So just say you hit 250w average for 2 minutes you will use the red column… Simples!

With Heart rate you might have to work to a Zone lower, these profiles were designed for use with a power meter. Spend time to find your zones and make sure you feel they are manageable .

It’s very important that if you feel like it’s to hard ease off, never work till you feel to uncomfortable, dizzy or like you cannot go on. It should feel tough but manageable!

Enjoy the profiles new ones every week!