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What can I say I was getting serious now… 10 Countries is that possible, by the map yes, in my mind… maybe haha.

Serious training going on now, I was spending all my weekends just cycling literally averaging 150 miles a weekend, it was unreal the calories I was burning and if I wasn’t cycling i was in the gym. It was so tough to hold down my full time 60 hours per week job and training so much as well.

This is I was getting so much respect for what i was doing, I decided to raise money for cancer research on this trip, I felt it was important to give to them as I had heard so many good things about them and i’m a big supporter in the fight against cancer.

This trip was a dream for me… just the bike, some tools and a change of clothes. The term Solo unsupported is not commonly used, when i researched this challenge I couldn’t believe the teams that did similar sharing luggage or having a van follow them. That’s all well and good but it not me I find the time away the simplicity of having so little a real rush, back to basics they say.

Coming up to the event I got a sponsor who offered me some clothing as he liked my videos, his name was Lee he works at WOWcustom, I couldn’t believe my luck after trying so hard to be sponsored i gave up then he contacts me, a few weeks later I have some custom gear and a name to ride to. Then a message from an old friend at DV8 Autocustoms Kings Lynn offered me help with repairing my bike as the carbon was crack (the fuji was a fixer upper haha)

On the run up I cycled with a new friend called Sam, he has been cycling years lives eats and breathes it. He taught me so much, along with a Dan who I met in portugal ex pro and owned a bike rental shop, I think I owe the trip success to them sometimes haha,

Now i’m in a good place I got tomorrow i’m feeling strong but cant help feeling like I haven’t done enough training but I haven’t had the time, what if the bike breaks what if the world explodes I am very excited haha.

On the run up to the trip for some reason my Facebook ( Twitter (@LTDRF) went insane my Just giving ( got hammered, I had raised over £800 wwoooooo! The good luck messages came in quick and fast and the support from my family and friends was amazing. I needed it though I was scared.

5am i’m at the Ferry holding the 10 Countries sheet ready to go, a short Ferry trip later i’m in France not feeling motivated at all but thinking ‘im so tired can i actually do this?’ there was only one way to find out.

Day 1 England, France and Belgium done! i’m on a fitness high as I get to my hostel check my Facebook and can’t believe the shares, likes donations and messages on my phone! All the people supporting me… now I feel strong.

Day 2 Holland I race through to holland, only a short day on the flats where I suffered with my first bit of rain.

Day 3 Germany and Luxembourg the tiredness is setting in now i’m finding it tough to ride, the weather is heavy rain, i’m cold, i’m soaked and i just want to stop. The road is long i’m up to 100 miles today the hills are high my elevation in 7000 ft already. I’m so close to my next hostel then the road is closed and i’m upset the detour is long but i’m here now i just want to relax and be warm.

Day 4 I don’t want to get up i’m making my way to Switzerland I know I wont be seeing a new country for a couple of days, the roads feel long i’m struggling to get me fitness buzz and the weather still punishes me daily.

Day 5 I’m Feeling weak my knee hurts i need to make changes so I adjust the bike, I refill my water, but struggle for inspiration to get on the bike so I get my phone out to call a friend Jake I know whatever he will say will help, as i was feeling really low, I must be 10000 calories down, I just cant eat enough to keep going, I need a plan. With a hotel booked for the night i’m feeling more positive and a KFC near, I cant wait for dinner. I fight the aches hammer though the day and look forward to my prize of a warm bed and some chicken to finish what has been a tough run of days, though after 2 punctures and some crap roads it really was a tough day.

Day 6 Switzerland So the night before I re planned my route I saw i was so far ahead of myself I need to cut the days down and recoup some energy, I woke up feeling so strong I didn’t ache I couldn’t wait to go I think I passed through the barrier of pain and my body felt amazing to fight again. I took a lovely flat route to Basel where I had a great greeting in a hostel and a good bed for the night.

Day 7 I made my way across Switzerland, if you get the chance your must go its so beautiful. The weather was on my side again and I felt everyday I was get faster and stronger, 100 mile days at 16 mph Robbie was back!

Day 8 Liechtenstein and Austria another 2 Countries that’s 1 left lets do it! I stayed in a 700 year old hospital converted in a hostel it was gorgeous but as i got there 10 minutes before the heavens opened up and again I was soaked but it was so refreshing!

Day 9 Italy I had a long day got up early sun cream on and to the Alps… the biggest challenge iv’e ever had after 8 days riding my legs didn’t feel to bad my mind was so focused it was perfect. the beauty to pain ratio was well in my favor I couldn’t take my eyes off the views I had to stop myself filming as I was videoing so much! I could see the end, the top of a mountain with the Italian Flag on it. I was feeling strange due to the altitude but when I crossed the border I was so happy the trip was over, but upset it had to end, I should have had the extra day.

The trip home was terrible bad train service and I sleeping where I could but I didn’t care I was coming home a success and it was my Birthday in a matter of days where I had a big meal planned to tell my family and friends of my adventure!

4 thoughts on “10 Countries in 10 Days

  1. Trevor Woodford says:

    Hi. Just read your report on your 10in10 ride which was very interesting…Congratulations on completing the ride….
    I completed ten countries in ten days back in 2013….. I rode in a team of four (two of us finished the ride) and we had a back up vehicle (but then I was 65yrs when I did the ride lol) and we camped out in tents along the way….. After the ride we finished with a ride around some of Lake Como and a ride up the Ghisallo and a visit to the Madonna de Ghisallo the cyclists chapel… A great experience…..

    1. says:

      Trebor thanks for the lovely comment, it was an amazing ride I must admit and you have me very interested in going to Madonna de Ghisallo sounds amazing what was it like?

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