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This was my first adventure and probably still to this day my favorite. This all started in Portugal on holiday with some family. We had booked a trip to go cycling down some mountains near Faro, I had an amazing time and straight away when I got back all I could think about was cycling. I wanted an adventure something different a real challenge. So google came out and I scrolled though lists of cycle ride until one popped up that really caught my eye ‘London to Paris 24’ I though wow is that even possible!

It was about 2 months before my Sisters Wedding and I really wanted to do something special for her that’s why Paris Appealed, the Capital of Love, the home of the Love Lock Bridge! What an amazing Surprise it would be a lock on the bridge for her and her husband to be. I think the toughest thing was keeping all this a secret.

I was a student at the time and worked as a waiter so you can imagine my spare time was very limited but I booked a few days off and then got straight on eBay hunting for a bike, this is where I found Claud. I knew it would be tough to find time to train, I looked at my schedule and it became apparent that the only time off work and study was in 3 weeks, that’s when it had to be.

Every spare minute i spent on the bike or working on the bike, my first training ride was 6 miles, then 12,20,30,45,65 and before I knew it, it was time. A couple of days before i was to go il never forget hitting my knee on the banister and my knee swelling up, I couldn’t believe it had happened so close to my trip, the next day I couldn’t even walk but i had no choice i had to cycle the next day, luckily enough I could cycle but i limped everywhere off the bike. I bandaged up and put on my shorts ready.

I didn’t feel prepared at all i booked my hostel and a Ferry and set off from London in the afternoon, I had 6 hours to get to the Ferry and 60 miles to cover. To my surprise I was there in 4 hours and very proud of myself. I boarded the Ferry nervous yes but extremely excited for the challenge ahead. After a 6 hour journey we were there, I managed about 2 hours sleep so i was very tired. as I left the port it was could and raining I couldn’t stop thinking to myself…. am i going to make this…. but i knew for my Sister I would do anything to be there. Now I had 100 miles left and a very long road to cover the D915 if I remember correctly. I fought on and on I ate loads and drank loads but still i have never felt so tired, maybe it was the 14kg bag on my back or the old bike which made it tough but I kept my head down excited about the surprise I had in store for my Sister. I got closer and closer and the time was getting faster and faster I was going slower and slower, I got about 15 miles outside of Paris when I stopped and asked a man ‘is this the way to Paris’ he laughed and ‘said you wont make it on that’ looking at my bike, I laughed and said ‘you wont believe me if I told you how far i’ve come’ and carried on my travels.

it was so tough but i eventually got to the city center where I signed a huge relief and collapsed on the hostel bed after having a shower. All I could think about was getting to the bridge and a short walk later I made it, I had a little tear roll down my face, not due to the fatigue or the challenge but it was because I felt id proved myself to my Sister.

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