This is me!

So… Hey I’m Robbie I’m 30 I live in a small town called Kings Lynn in Norfolk.

I’m a keen cyclist, love to travel and cycling is my job.

I class myself as Living The Dream… why… well I’m blessed to have amazing family and friends, I may not be rich with money but I am with happiness.   

I started cycling 3 years ago, I had no money and wanted to get my sister a present for her wedding so on a budget of £100 to buy a bike and travel expenses I cycled to Paris in 24 hours and put a love lock on the Love Lock Bridge for her & her husband.

I couldn’t believe how happy it made her so I trained hard I spend as much time as I had free cycling and then did London to Brussels in 24 hours. I did this for a Charity called Little Heroes who work with Children with cancer, as I wanted to raise money for them. 

After I did a big challenge where I cycled 10 Countries in 9 Days…. As I stood at the top of the Alps on my bike after 8 days riding and raising over £1000 for cancer research.

It didn’t stop there, getting my first sponsorship deal for £500 worth of clothing I made a trip from London to Alp D’Huez in Winter. This was very tough but very rewarding.

Cycling became quite a bit of my income eventually and with sponsorship deals and advertising I became a Semi Pro and went to part time work

I then attempted the World Record for the most Countries cycled in 7 days, unfortunately failing but still in the process breaking the World Record for the most Countries cycled in 24 hours.

With a passion to succeed I had to carry on and do more!

A Year later I took on the Trans continental TCR No5 and had to leave due to personal circumstances, unfortunately family isn’t around forever but roads are. Sometimes in life you have to make tough choices but always remember family comes first.

With a heavy heart and thinking that the ultra cycling game wasn’t for me I took one last attempt at the World Record for the most Countries cycled in 7 days! I am proud to say in September 2017 I broke this!

I now am planning a full year of racing, five or more races with many trips involved. I will be starting to focus a lot on Youtube and working heavily with sponsors! I will be crowdfunding to be help cover costs but you can expect lots of great advice and content from me to help inspire you to do what you want in life!

So lets do it!

If you like my story and what I do and want to support me you can by making a donation to what I do here!


15 thoughts on “This is me!

  1. Heidi says:

    What an inspiring story! I started cycling years ago simply for exercise and a means of transportation, and I am now doing my first relay triathlon (I’m doing the cycling portion) this coming Friday. I prefer to ride solo so it will be a whole different experience, I’m nervous but very excited. Thanks for sharing your story!

        1. says:

          Still a long trek, you just have to do it fast ???

          Thank you I love writing it!

          Keep me posted in how it goes ???

  2. Beverley says:

    I am inspired . If you think maybe you could turn your passion into creating wealth or more specifically residual income generated to give you choices and the ability to Give to your causes then pm me cos I have the answer

  3. Steve Gitto says:

    Robbie, this is such a great story! Thank you for sharing. I also just started a blog and will add more of my own personal adventures at some point. Good luck to you on all of your endeavors!

  4. Dhia says:

    What an inspiration you are! I admire your will and your cause. You’re honestly living the cycling reality I always dreamed of.
    Keep it up. Best of luck.

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