Winter Cycling Blues, how to combat them!

I’m not sure about anyone else but I have a huge case of the winter blues! I’m finding the cold colder than ever, the weather is so inconsistent and motivation is very hard to find. It’s a normal thing for any cyclist to suffer and a lot of the reason why people don’t train much in winter.

I have always had to train in winter, I think it’s very important not to take time off the bike as well. I have trained every winter and always come into summer very strong with little aches and pains.

How do you combat the Winter blues, well its simple.

  1. Wear good clothing, having good warm appropriate gear makes riding so much better. If you’re hands get cold, better gloves, if your feet get cold overshoes. You don’t have to suffer as ling as you’re warm, comfortable, fed and have had enough to drink it will make things a lot easier.
  2. Go out with a reason to go out, it’s so important not to go out randomly and just get miles in every time, having a goal completely changes everything. So go and find that coffee shop, that place that does a great bit of cake and make a challenge of it all!
  3. Get out, there’s nothing worse than waiting at home for the weather to be good, it will just waste your time. Personally the only thing that keeps me in some mornings if if its frosty, icy or very bad rain. I know it cold the wind is strong but there’s a time where you just have to get on with it!
  4. Train with friends, yeah goes without saying how much having a conversation and a chat can distract you from being cold or wet. So join a club or call some friends and help each other train!
  5. Enjoy the beauty of winter, I live on the Norfolk coast in the UK, it’s so beautiful in winter, the roads are quiet and when the frost is down on the fields and the sunshine beams in it looks amazing. This only happens in winter.
  6. Think about drink, yeah that’s right you’re think drink enough water and I agree but I also carry a flask with me with coffee or tea. Just take the edge off having to chuck cold water down your neck all the time.
  7. Think about your stops, in winter I do my best not to stop and get cold, it’s so important to hold a pace and stay warm, sometimes not having a coffee stop will go a long way as sweaty lycra and going back into the cold after having a snack can feel pretty awful.
  8. Stop thinking about summer, winter is here and we can’t avoid it don’t think what could be, think what it is. Enjoy it stay positive!

Tell me what you think?